Thinking of holding a special event at your company or organization? Want to celebrate a holiday? Reward performance? Promote teamwork? Thank clients?

The Jay Brian Comedy-Hypnosis Show is the perfect entertainment for corporate functions and events. With a blend of comedy, music, and audience participation, this unique and laugh-filled performance will engage everyone in the room. Everyone will be buzzing about it long after it’s over. After hosting such a memorable event, you’ll be the real star of the show for booking it! And, who doesn’t want to be a star?

Here’s what some organizations had to say:

It was nothing but non-stop laughs. I looked around the crowd and there was not one person who was not laughing. After the show was over, people couldn’t stop talking. A great time was had by all!

– Mike Polk, Sieben-Polk Law Firm

Fantastic! The show was extremely entertaining for those up on stage as well as for those sitting in the audience. Right from the start Jay made the audience feel at ease. An amazing form of entertainment that will leave you awestruck.

– Laurie Mummert, US Bank

We were looking for something different for our annual Holiday Party. Jay’s show was fabulous. The show was done professionally and tastefully. Some of our employees were in tears they were laughing so hard. We definitely will use Jay Brian again.

– Dave Youngren, MHC Companies

You can read more testimonials of those who were happy that they booked Jay Brian – and, none of them are his relatives. Just click here.

Do you have questions about Jay Brian and the show? You can find some of those answers here:

1. Is stage hypnosis safe?

Yes! Jay Brian is a professional Certified Master Hypnotist with the proper training. He has extensive experience working with audiences of all ages and is savvy presenting at corporate events. He never embarrasses participants in his show or members of the audience – unless they laugh so hard that they snort!

2. Is the show clean?

Absolutely. The show only presents content that is suitable for corporate audiences. All scenarios are completely appropriate. No profanity is used. And, Jay also takes a shower before the show.

3. Is the show easy to bring to a venue?

For sure. Jay makes it all very simple. He supplies the props, sound effects, and music. In some cases, he may also be able to supply the sound system. He brings an assistant to keep an eye on the audience. The only thing left for you to do is invite the audience – and maybe feed them. Come to think of it, they’d probably appreciate drinks too.

By the way, Jay Brian is fully insured for liability. He’s never had a claim and does not ever expect to, but the show is covered for any problems that may arise.

This is your chance to impress your employees, customers, and clients with a show that’s sure to be a major hit. And, you do want that, right? Ready to get started?

Contact Jay Brian to book a date now. Be sure to ask about Block Booking. If the Jay Brian Comedy-Hypnotist Show is already performing in your area, you may be able to save money!

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