Stage Hypnosis

So, you might be thinking, what exactly is a hypnosis stage show?

It’s an interactive show best for an adult audience that wants to experience the entertaining results of being placed in an altered state. Volunteer participants are identified and put into a trance, so to speak, making them more susceptible to the power of suggestion. Using his superpowers to entertain, Certified Master Hypnotist, Jay Brian, leads the participants and the audience on a hilarious fun-filled journey.

But, how does it all work?

Boy, you are the curious one, aren’t you? Well, immediately before the show, specific music is played to settle, yet excite the audience. Jay Brian appears on stage, and, through an interactive demonstration, shows the audience what they will experience. He’ll ask for volunteer participants and identify those who are most suitable to be hypnotized.

So, how many people are in the audience?

You’re a real stickler for detail, huh? That’s ultimately up to you when you book the show. Generally, however, the larger the audience, the better the hypnosis show will be. Since the psychological aspect of expectation plays a large part in the success of the show, it is best as “stand-alone” entertainment rather than combined with other acts.

Will anyone be embarrassed?

No, unless they laugh so hard that they snort. Jay Brian takes care to ensure that the show is professional. Everyone has fun without it coming at the expense of any participants.

Is the show clean?

Sheesh, of course it’s clean. Jay Brian uses scenarios that are appropriate. He doesn’t use profanity. And, he also takes a shower before the show.

Then what happens when the show is over?

You sure want to know every little thing, don’t you? Once the interactive part of the show is over, participants return from their imaginative state to reality. Feeling great, they experience all of the restorative benefits equivalent to a full night’s sleep! As a bonus, Jay Brian usually sticks around to chat with those in the audience.

Okay, you’ve got me interested. What do I need to do?

So, you’re finally hooked, huh? Jay Brian makes it very easy for you. He supplies all of his own props, sound effects, and music. Where traveling times and venue/audience size make it appropriate, he can also supply his own sound system. This not only ensures a professional and seamless show, it makes it all so simple for you. All you need to do is supply the venue and audience – oh, and the check. But, that can be discussed later.

I still have a few questions.

No problem. You want to be sure all the bases are covered. After all, you’re the one responsible for booking the show. You may find the FAQ page helpful in getting more details. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, just call 651.437.3344 or email for a quick response.

Okay, I’m ready to book a show. How do I do that?

Well, it’s about time. Congratulations on the best decision you’ve ever made – besides not buying that sushi from the gas station mini-mart! To book the Jay Brian Comedy-Hypnosis Show with his “Superpowers to Entertain,” just call 651.437.3344 or email