About Jay Brian

Faster than a speeding bullet in taking control of the mind. More powerful than a locomotive in getting the audience involved. Able to leap into hilarity in a single bound. Look – coming to the stage! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Jay Brian! With superpowers that have everyone howling with laughter, Jay can change the course of events and bend the minds of audiences with his bare microphone. Disguised as a mild-mannered, yet hysterically funny Master Hypnotist from Minnesota, Jay will be there to fight the never ending battle for truth, surprises, and the American Way.

Jay Brian has used his superpowers extensively to entertain audiences of all ages. After graduating with top honors from the Stage Hypnosis Center in Las Vegas to become a certified hypnotist, Jay went on to become a true superhero in making people laugh. Furthering the art of mind control, he also became a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) advanced skills practitioner. And if that’s not enough, Jay is also a professional DJ and emcee. As impressive as all of that is, his wife still makes him take out the garbage.

Although Jay loves entertaining crowds and bringing smiles to people’s faces, he also loves spending time with his family. When he’s not taking out the garbage, he keeps up with his two kids’ activities in hockey, snowboarding, soccer, baseball, piano and school activities. Whew! Even with superpowers, a guy can get tired sometimes …

I love every second of entertaining. I gain great satisfaction from the audience’s enjoyment and laughter. – Jay Brian