How are volunteers chosen for a Stage Hypnosis Show?

The Jay Brian Comedy Hypnotist Show volunteer participants are actually NOT chosen by the hypnotist entertainer. The participants are self-selecting, willing volunteers. Only audience members that are highly interested in participating will be invited to come on stage.

As expected, some people will prefer to be spectators and others will desire to be part of the action. However, Jay Brian is an expert at putting your audience members at ease with a pre-talk designed to get people excited about participating.

His opening comments address the myths about hypnosis in a humorous way. Additional interactive “suggestibility tests” with the entire group reveal that each individual has the ability to quickly enter the trance state. With this introduction to hypnotism, you will be surprised at how motivated your audience members are to become a part of the show.

Can I be hypnotized?

Some people say, “hypnosis sounds wonderful but I don’t think I can be hypnotized!” Well, they may be surprised to learn that they already experience hypnosis on a daily basis. Let us look at examples of daily hypnosis.

Have you ever found yourself completely immersed in an activity to the exclusion of everything else? That is a natural trance state.
Common examples of this are:
– watching a movie and becoming transfixed in the plot
– reading a book and being so transfixed that you do not hear someone come in and speak to you
– driving down the freeway and experiencing highway hypnosis
Hypnosis is not witchcraft, manipulation or magic. It simply is a tool that will allow you to tap into the power of your mind.

How does it feel to be hypnotized?

You’ve probably seen zombie-like characters in the movies and on television who are supposedly in a hypnotic state of mind. This common misconception can create resistance for those who are being hypnotized for the first time.

It can be hard to allow yourself to relax if you think that under hypnosis you surrender all control of your behaviors to the hypnotist.

In fact, when you are hypnotized, you are in more control than when you’re in the normal conscious, daily state. You become internally focused, and your surrounding environment becomes less important and insignificant.

If for any reason there were an emergency or your attention was needed, you would immediately emerge yourself, coming to a full waking state, to respond appropriately. People in a hypnotized state may appear to be asleep, but the biological state of sleep is very different from hypnosis.

While your body is relaxed, your mind will be fully alert and aware of the suggestions it is receiving. All outside stimulus will become irrelevant. Your focus will be directly on the words of the suggestions you are receiving and your breathing will be light and rhythmic.

You may have a distorted sense of time. You may feel like you have been in hypnosis for just a couple minutes, even if it has been sixty to ninety minutes.

If I am Hypnotized, will I know what I am doing?

Yes. Contrary to what is popularly believed, when you are hypnotized, you ARE NOT asleep. Instead, you are in a focused state of concentration.

Although your subconscious is more open to suggestion, we can’t make you do what you wouldn’t do in your normal state. During the show, volunteers are aware of exactly what they are doing and they will remember everything that occurred during the show.

Do the Stage Hypnosis volunteers truly have fun?

It is important to note that a Stage Hypnosis Show can be very entertaining without embarrassing the participants. In truth, the committee of volunteers will have the most fun of anyone attending your event!

They are all treated with respect as the true stars of the show. After the performance, they will feel great and be very glad they participated.

How long is a Stage Hypnosis Show?

The Jay Brian Comedy Hypnotist Show runs 60-90 minutes in length depending on the needs of your event.

What is the cost of a Stage Hypnosis Show?

Posting a flat fee is impossible due to the many variables involved in planning each unique event.  To make your planning as simple as possible, we will quote you an all-inclusive flat fee that includes travel expenses.

You will have an exact fee to use for budgeting purposes. The only additional expense is a hotel room for the performer that is usually booked and paid directly by the client. Visit our Contact page to fill out a simple form and we will be in touch to get you a quote for your event.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes. The Jay Brian Comedy Hypnotist Show is insured with a $2,000,000 entertainer’s liability policy.

Can I make the performance a surprise for our guests?

This is NOT recommended. It is far more beneficial to let your guests know in advance about the great entertainment you have booked for them. Our stage hypnosis show works with psychological principles of anticipation and expectation. By promoting your show in advance:

  1. You’ll give your guests something interesting to talk about
  2. They’ll have something specific to look forward to, and
  3. Both the quality and quantity of your volunteer participation will be enhanced.

What are the Show technical requirements?

The Jay Brian Comedy Hypnotist Show can be presented in a ballroom, club, theater, gymnasium or similar. Any place there is room for an audience and a stage or performance area for volunteer participants, you can look forward to an amazing show. Requirements include a well-lit performance area of 24′ x 20′ and 12-20 straight back armless chairs for the volunteer participants.

Depending on the situation, other requirements may be staging, sound system, wireless microphone as well as possible hotel and travel expenses.