This was a really good experience. He came to my school in Amery, WI. It was the best watching all my friends act in a completely different way then they usually do. They would never act like that in front of anyone like they did up on that stage. The funniest part was when he had one of the kids call his mom cause he had forgotten his first name. One of my teachers in the back with me in the beginning was hypnotized and we were laughing so hard 😂 Thank you Jay Brian

Gabriella Bowen

Jay came out for our company holiday party and it was an absolute riot! We were all laughing so hard we were crying! Would highly recommend him.

Meghann Welch

Very fun experience for those who participated and those who watched. Even though I don’t exactly remember everything I did, my friends all told me how funny and great it was. 100% recommend!

Haylee Yaeger

Jay performed at our Post Prom event and I can honestly say I have not laughed so much in a very long time. Great show and even better time had by all.

Liz Bremmer

The hypnosis put people in deep and made for a great show.

Carter Jansen

I was very skeptical about Jay’s show at first. For a long time I did not believe a person could be hypnotized, I always thought people were acting. I was wrong!!! I volunteered to be hypnotized and I was amazed how true it is. Yes, I was hypnotized and yes I had fun entertaining my friends and work associates. At all times I knew what I was doing, I never knew I could be so animated. I would totally do it again in a heart beat. I wonder if he could hypnotize me to stop some of my bad habits?

Russ Kechely

Was amazing, had the best laugh of my life!


We hired Jay Brian for the Hastings High School All Night Grad Party again this year. An excellent experience once again – the highlight of the evening! SO funny – seniors all loved it! Thank you Jay Brian!

Maureen Budach

Jay performed for my company’s event. It was a great experience. All of the employees had a great time and commented throughout the night on the great show. I highly recommended Jay for all company events, he’s a professional and keeps his performance clean.

Ramiro Bautista

I loved how everyone went under and how i couldn’t stop laughing and i also went under even tho i was not on stage thank you for make my prom fun it was starting to become boring.

Ruthann Waldner

He turned me into an actual monkey. It was one of the most craziest experiences in my life.

J Wilson

Wow! Jay Brian is truly the best Comedy-Hypnotist I have ever seen. Well worth the money to hire him for your next event; you will not be disappointed!


It was amazing tbh but weird at the same time 😀

Juul Wallraf

Jay Brian is awesome! We hired him for the senior lock in and the kids loved him. It was so much fun and he had us laughing the whole time!! We will for sure be using him again this year! I can’t wait. Thank you Jay 🙂

Shannon Schladweiler

It was a wonderful show. Many people did things they wouldn’t have done if they were conscious.

Carter Mueller

I had a great time,I laughed so hard and thought Jay was very talented!

Heather Purrington

My second year as chair of our Senior All Night Grad Party we decided to try Jay Brian Hypnotist instead of the one we had previously been using. This was 2008 and we’ve booked him every year since! Unlike other shows, the music and lights he uses on stage add to the entertainment value and professionalism of his show. We love the fact that the people that want to participate are allowed to do so. He does a great job of relating to the kids so they feel comfortable volunteering. His “acts” are age appropriate and we felt that he could easily command the audience of almost 300 people even when it gets hilariously funny! I would not hesitate in recommending this show for any occasion you want to “wow” your guest. I guarantee there will not be a dull moment!

Michelle Tjomsland

Best show ever! Amazing!

Logan Defoe

Just a quick note to let you know that we at the Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce received nothing but positive comments on our 92nd Annual Banquet in which you entertained our membership. Those that attended said they had a fantastic time and enjoyed you as an entertainer and hypnotist. We would highly recommend you to other chambers or anyone interested in seeking your style of entertainment. And, there is a possibility that we may invite you to entertain at future venues here in Dodge City. Thanks again for providing an evening of great entertainment!

Cindy Malek

President Dodge City Area Chamber of Commerce

Dodge City, KS

Thank you so much for being patient with our group’s response to your WONDERFUL show for our post prom group. We were more than pleased with your show and will highly recommend it to anyone else. Our expectations were far exceeded and the kids talked about it for days and days! Thank you again, and hopefully we will be able to work together again in the future.

Sara Yenter

Chetek High School Post Prom Committee

Chetek, WI

Very tasteful; kept everyone’s attention; very funny; have not laughed that hard in a long time!

Sara Lee

Hillshire Farm

Jay you were hilarious! We all laughed through the entire show and had a blast. You are great at what you do. I hope you are available next year for our meeting.

Crystal Farms

YOU WERE FABULOUS! When our senior class was looking for a memorable graduation activity, they selected Jay and his Hypnosis show. We could not have spent our money in a better investment. Jay’s show was student centered, interactive, hilarious, and incorporated music! Jay and his crew were a pleasure to work with and professional at all times. It was a real treat to be able to bring such a memorable presentation to our senior students. I would recommend Jay and his presentation to any group looking for an incredibly interactive (hilarious) presentation.

Tina K. Gilbertson

FACS Teacher 9-12

Black River Falls, WI

Jay, thank you for an excellent performance, the kids and parents loved the show! Thank you for being so professional, flexible and easy to work with. I will highly recommend you for next year’s graduation party!

Jennifer Gergen

Lakeville South High School

In the midst of planning our daughters’ graduation party we were trying to come up with a fun way to celebrate. She suggested a hypnotist. Jay, it was the best phone call we could have made. The combination of DJ/Hypnosis was a great idea. Having music before and after your show was an added bonus. When you started the show you were so professional yet relaxed and into the crowd. You worked very well with all the different age groups. Once the show got rolling it was nothing but non-stop laughs. I looked around the crowd and there was not one person who was not laughing and having a great time. We never laughed so hard for one solid hour! After the show was over people couldn’t stop talking about all the different things you did. Talking to the participants and finding out what they did or didn’t remember was also great fun. Working with you was so easy, smooth and effortless. You couldn’t have been more organized and professional. It was a pleasure working with you and we would absolutely consider you again for any event. A great time was had by all!

Kathy and Mike Polk

Sieben-Polk Law Firm

Jay’s show was fantastic! The show was extremely entertaining for those up on stage as well as for those sitting in the audience. Right from the start Jay made the audience feel at ease, with the insistence that the performance would be carried out with class and integrity. He was professional and made all those participating feel extremely comfortable. I have only received positive feedback and would recommend Jay’s show to anyone for any event, this is an amazing form of entertainment that will leave you amazed and awestruck. Thanks again for the experience and for all you did for us. It was an amazing show!

Laurie Mummert

US Bank

AMAZING! What a great job you did last night and how awesome was the hypnosis show!!!!!! Truly.it was such a great addition to have you here last night for this event. All 3 of the owners could not say enough about what a great idea that was and how it added so much to the festivities. I don’t think I have truly laughed that hard for 2 years, I was crying! It was so great! And of course, you are an amazing dj/entertainer too! You are so much fun! It is obvious that you enjoy what you do because you get into the music and hypnosis as much as everyone else that says a lot to the guests. Thanks again Jay  it makes my job so easy in that area knowing I can count on you and refer you without a second thought!

Traci Meyer

Special Event Manager & Event Designer

Prestwick Golf Club

Jay your show was fabulous! Everyone was so enthusiastic about your show and thought your performance was excellent. Overall thank you for being so courteous and understanding with our type of event. My Managing Director came up to me after the show asking how we can get you to come back again for our Holiday Party. Everyone thought it was perfect for our event. Several laughs have been had by all here in our office! Great job! Thanks.

Debbie Blattner & Tara Storms

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Your performance was excellent! Everyone said you were very funny and entertaining. They want to have you back again next year! Thank you for being very professional and quick to respond. We will see you again next year. You were worth every penny!

Mr. Shawn Jourdain

Couchiching First Nation

Fort Frances, Ontario Canada

I would highly recommend Jay for a Post Prom or Graduation or any similar event looking for a great entertaining show.

Larry Villiard


Bruce High School

We were looking for something different to do for our annual Holiday Party and decided to give Jay Brian a try. Jay’s show was fabulous. The show was done professionally and tastefully. Some of our employees were in tears they were laughing so hard at Jay and the participants. We definitely will use Jay Brian again.

Dave Youngren

MHC Companies

On behalf of the parents and students of Minnesota High School Rodeo, I would like to thank you for the awesome show you put on for us at our state finals competition. It was a generational success, as both parents & kids alike, are still talking about how hilarious the show was. A GREAT time was had by all. The music and your professionalism are added touches that make your show the classiest that I have seen.

I will be in touch as soon as our 2007 dates are confirmed so we can lock you in again.

Good Luck!

Stacey Corrington

Vice President

MN High School Rodeo

Jay, what can I say.thank you so much just doesn’t seem enough. More compliments were shared by employees the week following the Holiday party on what a great time they had. They told me they never laughed as hard or had more fun at a city Holiday party. You made the crowd feel very comfortable and nothing was done to embarrass those under hypnosis. You were easy to work with and made it a very pleasant process from beginning to end. Thanks for a spectacular show. It was far above all expectations.

C. Engfer

City of Cottage Grove Public Safety Department

We weren’t expecting the hypnotist to be that good! Jay you and Vinnie did AWESOME! I’ve seen hypnosis shows before and this was a lot better – much more tasteful! We also enjoyed the fact that you and Vinnie stayed around and mingled with the crowd. It made the show that much more of a success to our employees.

Mandy Spurley

Cardinal Glass of Spring Green, WI

You did an excellent job Jay! Everyone had a lot of fun; they said you were very enthusiastic and a lot of fun – they are still talking about your show a week later. We were all wishing it could have been longer – even though you went over on time! We will definitely keep you in mind for the future!

Tami Vigesaa

Sodexho - The Mayo Clinic

You did an excellent job Jay! Everyone had a lot of fun; they said you were very enthusiastic and a lot of fun - they are still talking about your show a week later. We were all wishing it could have been longer - even though you went over on time! We will definitely keep you in mind for the future!

Your show was great! They could not believe what they were seeing! Thank you for being so courteous and attentive. You are great at what you do! Thanks again.

Rick Bauer

Amclyde Employees Club

Thank you for all the laughs. I have never been to see anyone do hypnosis. But thanks to you I will definitely be going to see more shows. And I will be recommending to everyone else to go also. You did an outstanding job! Everyone is still laughing about it all. I have not laughed that hard for so long, it was great!

Lynette Schoenhofen

I just want to say thank you for making our party a memorable one. Everyone is still talking about how much fun the party was. Your performance was excellent and I would recommend your comedy-hypnosis show for any company or social get together. The DJ and your professionalism made the entire event a success from planning to then end of the night and quite a memorable experience.

Inga Sparr

Gerdau Ameristeel