donae cotton photography - jay k (1 of 2)Jay Brian has captivated audiences for over 20 years as a professional disc jockey, emcee and stage hypnotist.

He loves being on stage, entertaining crowds and bringing smiles to people’s faces.


Jay Brian whizzed through the certification requirements at the Stage Hypnosis Center in Las Vegas hypnotizing his fellow classmates in the process.

He received his Stage Hypnotist Certification with top honors. In addition, Jay Brian is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) advanced skills practitioner and has near-super powers.

When not on stage, he keeps his wife, 2 kids and dog entertained at their home in Hastings…unless they’re keeping him entertained.

His kids are active in hockey, snowboarding, lacrosse, baseball, piano and school activities, so there are times when Jay gets to be an audience member along with his amazing wife who thinks he’s so sweet she calls him Sugar.

“I love every second of entertaining. I gain great satisfaction from the audience’s enjoyment and laughter”– Jay Brian