Prom and Grad Parties

The Jay Brian Comedy Hypnosis Show is one of the most popular prom and graduation hypnotic shows in the country!

Here is what makes the Jay Brian Comedy Hypnosis Show so popular with grad party organizers:

  1. Safest Hypnotic Show Available!
  2. Jay’s Hypnotic Show is Insured
    Jay carries liability insurance and has never had a claim on his insurance and does not ever expect to, however you can rest easier knowing it is available to cover any problems that may arise and that Jay is a professional who cares enough to invest in protection for himself and you.
  3. The Content is Appropriate and Guaranteed not to Offend Your Guests.
    You will have no worries about inappropriate content or unhappy parents at your show. Jay provides outstanding entertainment suitable for Graduation Parties.
  4. Solid Track Record of Success

There are no “re-dos.” Jay is experienced with an extensive verifiable track record of success. You can rely on him to create a successful event your students will remember for years! “The Jay Brian Comedy Hypnosis Show”

Fun audience participation program that will have your students:

  • laughing
  • applauding
  • participating

The program emphasis is on fun entertainment. It is sure to be the hit of the party for your students and create memories that last a lifetime!


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