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Questions To Ask Before Hiring Any Stage Hypnotist For Your Prom or Graduation Party or Accepting any Hypnotist From a Planning Company

This article will make the process of securing a safe, suitable stage hypnotist for your event easier. It was written by request from party organizers. Consider printing this article out for inclusion in your file. Regardless of whether you plan the party yourself or secure an event planning company to plan the party, you should ask the following five important questions.

The reputable Stage Hypnotist and Event Planning Companies will appreciate your questions, and you will be more relaxed knowing your securing the services of a professional. You will also be insuring your hypnotic show will be a success and your students will have a fun night they will remember for years.

The Five Questions You Should Ask:

1) Is the Hypnotic Show performed solo or with assistance?
A solo hypnotist is not as safe as a hypnotist with an assistant. Performing without an assistant is not as entertaining or safe because the hypnotist is splitting his attention in three different directions:

  • the audience
  • the on-stage participants
  • the music

A hypnotist with an assistant will have the assistant run the music and help with the participants on stage. Consider carefully if you will be comfortable with the risk of a hypnotist that is a solo act.

2) Can you verify the hypnotist is insured?
The professional hypnotist will be insured with a liability policy. Request a copy to confirm the policy is not expired. The amatuer will not typically make the investment to protect themselves, you or the students.
We have never had any accidents that have required medical attention, but if we ever do you can rest assured that we have the insurance coverage for you and your students protection. To perform without “stage insurance” is dangerous, iresponsible and is the equivalent to sitting on a ticking time bomb.

3) Has your hypnotist been professionally trained?

A stage hypnotist should have received professional training and be a member of stage hypnosis organizations such as National Guild of Hypnotists. A professional is committed to continued education and can be trusted to present a safe, flawless show without any problems.

4) Does the hypnotist have a demo video and track record?

View the demo video, read the letters of recommendations and know what you are purchasing. Obviously, if they have little or no track record, you can be assured that you are receiving a show that is not tested and who’s quality and entertainment value will be low or worse, a miserable failure. I know two people who brought in a hypnotist that could not even hypnotize the kids!

A bad hypnotic show will leave your kids bored, unsatisfied and eventually walking out of the show and can bring your whole grad party down! Not the event memories are made of…

Answers determine the level of professionalism

Answering these five questions will help you plan an event that is safe and fun. You will be more relaxed the night of the program and the months leading up to the program knowing your hiring a professional stage hypnotist your students will enjoy!

If you find the Stage Hypnotist is deficient in any of these areas, it is a sure sign they may not be a full-time professional and there may be cause for concern.

Working with an Event Planning Company?

If your working with a graduation party planning company and they are providing a hypnotist that does not live up to the above five questions ask yourself:

  • Are they trying to provide the least expensive (amateur, no credentials, no insurance policy, etc.) because of some benefit to the event planning company? Do they make more money hiring a “cheap” hypnotist for your prom or grad party?
  • Are you receiving a stage hypnotist that will not live up to your entertainment expectations?
  • Are you satisfied with a stage hypnotist that is not going to be as reliable or experienced as you would like?

If not, request another hypnotist. There are many stage hypnotists that are professionals and you don’t want to be settling for anything less at your event.

Booking Your Stage Hypnotist Direct

If your booking the hypnotist direct and he fails to answer the five requirements ask yourself, is this hypnotist a “semi pro” hypnotist? In other words, an amateur hypnotist with a full-time career in another area, that comes out only during grad season to make extra money?

Do you want to settle for a part time performer with little experience and no professional status, insurance, state registration, etc. that will provide a bad show for your students?

A Good Match for Your Prom or Graduation Party

By following these steps you can secure a hypnotist you can be satisfied with. You will know their skill level and if you are receiving fair value for the fee charged.

In addition, if the hypnotist is lacking in any area, such as insurance, education or working without an assistant, you will know what potential problems may occur during your program.

Good luck on the planning process!

I’m sure it will be a wonderful party, and if the hypnotist is a professional and has answered the above five important questions, you will have a great, safe, memorable show and few worries!